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About Strength and Grace

About us!


HELLO friends, both new and old! Welcome to Strength & Grace Boutique! 

My name is Caitlin Lucian, and this is the story of how my tiny dream of owning a boutique flourished into something bigger than I could have ever imagined!

Four years ago, I left my career as an elementary school teacher to pursue a dream. I wanted a lifestyle with more calm and simplicity and less havoc. I craved a sense of belonging, and the longed to connect with a community of people who sought the same thing.

Our small online boutique began operating out of the basement of our home but just eight months later, we opened a brick & mortar location in our hometown of Sandy Hook, Connecticut! We love EVERY second of serving our online and local communities and building new relationships. 

Here at Strength & Grace, we carefully pick and curate our products guaranteeing top-notch quality, incredible variety, casual comfort, and affordability. Our customers and communities, both online and in-person, are our top priority. 

Our Strength & Grace community is truly FAMILY to us and we only want the best for our fam!

So - WHY Strength & Grace? 

The answer is quite simple. Our 6-year-old twins - Ethan (meaning strength) and Madeline Grace. My Strength and My Grace; the reason behind the things I do. It is my children that drove me to find a life of greater simplicity and it is from them that I continue to grow as a person and as a business owner. They inspire me every day.

Strength & Grace: the characteristics that epitomize my outlook on life. 

Strength - We must find strength in our daily life to get through the hard days, weeks, and months. Strength in hard times gives us the opportunity to find the light and celebrate the good.

Grace - My goodness, we must give ourselves grace! In both good times and bad, mistakes are inevitable. We are human and we are not perfect. Accept mistakes, give grace, move forward, and be better. 

We look forward to serving you with Strength & Grace.


xoxo, Caitlin
Sizing Chart
Sizing Chart


With arms relaxed at your side, measure the fullest part of your bust while keeping the measuring tape parallel to the ground.

Natural Waist

Keeping the measuring tape parallel to the ground, measure around your waist at the narrowest point of your torso. Make sure to keep one finger in between the tape and your body.


Stand with your heels together and measure around the fullest part of your hips, keeping the measuring tape parallel to the ground.