About Strength and Grace


Hello and Welcome! I am Caitlin Lucian - founder and #ladyboss of all things Strength & Grace Boutique (with a boatload of help from my husband, Justin). A former elementary school teacher, I took a leap of faith and changed career paths to style women to the nines and bring out their true beauty and confidence three years ago. We have been styling women to the nines in our online community for nearly three years. Our dreams grew even more, leading us to open a brick and mortar boutique in our hometown of Sandy Hook, CT - where we will continue to strengthen and serve our community in ways we never deemed possible.


Here at Strength & Grace, we carefully pick and curate our products guaranteeing top notch quality, incredible variety, casual comfort, and affordability. We also value our customers and the community we’ve built in our fashion and styling industry over the past two years - so you’ll want to join our Facebook Group so you can be a part of the Strength & Grace Fam!

So - WHY Strength & Grace? The answer is quite simple. Our 6 year old twins - Ethan (meaning strength) and Madeline Grace. My Strength and My Grace - the reason behind the things I do - my passion. Those two characteristics epitomize my mantra - my outlook on life. Strength - in good times and bad, we are strong and we fight through. Mistakes are inevitable, but we learn from them and become a stronger person. And when those times are hard, we handle ourselves with grace. When we aren’t so perfect, we GIVE our self grace.

We look forward to serving you with Strength & Grace.